Filling the Cauldron launches in Second Life

Art by Caitlyn and Inara Pey
Art by Caitlyn and Inara Pey

We are pleased to announce the launch of Filling the Cauldron, a special fund-raising event to help Second Life creator, artist and long-time resident, Elicio Ember.

In mid-February, Elicio’s father, in his 70s, suffered a very serious stroke leaving him with neurological damage. Because of the medical situation in Mexico, where Elicio and his family reside, he and his sisters are faced with some serious medical expenses, and we’re hoping Filling the Cauldron can help them.

You can find out more about the family’s  situation here.

For the week of Saturday, April 1st through until Sunday, April 9th, Filling the Cauldron will be running a whole series of events at the beautiful Holly Kai Park on the Blake Sea. These events will include:

  • Live music and DJ performances at the park’s main events venue
  • An art display inspired by Elicio’s work
  • A silent auction
  • A special Design A Garden contest with a very special prize
  • A photo contest
  • A market area
  • Cerridwen’s Corner – a mini-store of Elicio’s creations, allowing you to buy his items and know the money is going directly to his Linden account.

Right now we are seeking:

  • Live performers and DJs willing to give an hour of their time to perform during the weekends of Saturday April 1st / Sunday April 2nd and Friday April 7th through Sunday April 9th – and perhaps in the week as well. If you are interested, please complete our Entertainment Applications form
  • Artists wishing to participate in our Art Show
  • People willing to donate to our Auction
  • Creators willing to take part in our Marketplace
  • Designers wishing to participate on our Filling the Cauldron Garden Design Contest
  • Volunteers and helpers


In addition, we’re teaming-up with the GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for Elicio and his family, and with Ember’s Cauldron, a month-long, grid-wide shopping event which you can read about here.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be providing more and more details on Filling the Cauldron, leading up to the launch of our full Events Schedule and the event itself. So, do please be sure to bookmark this site, follow it, and keep up-to-date with news and information!


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