FTC Update: our venue

Filling the Cauldron will be hosted by Holly Kai Park, located close to the Blake Sea, and accessible by teleport, boat and seaplane.

The home of Art at the Park, Stories at the Park and much more, Holly Kai Park offers a beautiful setting for Filling the Cauldron, with plenty for visitors to explore, as well as providing some great venues area for us.  To help people find their way around, here’s an initial look at some of the areas of the Park we will be using.

The Pavilion

Located on the west side of the park, and offering its own moorings for boats (2 hours rezzing time, re-rezzing possible). Holly Kai Park’s Pavilion is a stunning outdoor facility with teal awnings covering a large dance floor and seating areas, with a stepped glass stage for performers and DJs. We’ll be hosting our entertainment there which will include music, dance shows and live performances over both weekends of the event, as well as events during the week!

The Pavilion, Holly Kai Park, the venue for Filling the Cauldron’s entertainment

Art Hill

The home of Holly Kai Park’s Art at the Park seasons, the Art Hill will be the home for three parts of the Filling the Cauldron:

  • Our art show
  • Our auction
  • Our merchant’s marketplace

Located at the top of the steps from the main landing point and moorings on the east side of the park, the Art Hill offers lots of room for out art display area, auction area and the merchant’s marketplace, as well as a central area where visitors can sit and relax and enjoy the surroundings.

The Art Hill at Holly Kai Park. This will be the home for our merchant’s marketplace (the large green area on the right of the picture) and the home for our art display and auction

Storyteller’s Circle

The Storyteller’s Circle at Holly Kai Park is a special area of the park for events in Voice and other attractions which appear from time-to-time. For Filling the Cauldron, it will be completely made over to become Cerridwen’s Corner, a mini-store selling Elicio’s creations. With a direct teleport to his main store at Ceddidwen’s Cauldron, the Corner will allow people attending Filling the Cauldron to purchase Elicio’s items, either directly or by hopping across to Cerridwen’s Cauldron, and so help raise funds for his family!

The Storyteller’s Circle at Holly Kai Park will be completely transformed into Cerridwen’s Corner, a store selling many of Elicio’s creations – more on this soon!

Applications and Support

Applications are still open at Filling the Cauldron for:

  • Art Show: do you have images of Elicio’s past builds at Fantasy Faire, or his art installations such as Calvera! and would be willing to display them in an art show for Filling the Cauldron? If so, we would love to hear from you.
  • Auction: what better way to raise funds than to have an auction? But in order to do so, we need items to be donated. Would you be willing to donate. It can be 2D art, 3D art, clothing or anything else you would like to provide – such as your time? See our auction page for more
  • Entertainment: are you a live performer, band, dance troupe or DJ and would like to volunteer an hour or two of your time to help raise money for Elicio Ember and his family? If so, please hop over to our entertainments page
  • Volunteers: running an event like Filling the Cauldron takes a lot of time and effort – and help! If you’d like to lean a hand, please visit our volunteers page.

Updates and More

We’re going to have a lot more news and updates in the coming days and weeks, so be sure to subscribe to this blog to keep right up-to-date on things!


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