Two weeks and counting!

We’re just two weeks from opening the doors on Filling the Cauldron to help raise money for Elicio Ember and his family. To mark the countdown, there’s going to be a lot more going on in this blog, with more reports on the planning, the event, the entertainment…

To start the ball rolling, Designing Worlds recently re-visited Elicio’s fabulous in-world store, Cerridwen’s Cauldron. If you’ve not been there, it really is a must-see visit, not only for Elicio’s amazing creations, but because it really is a gem of a design, both the store and the ground-level area (which Fantasy Faire fans will instantly recognise).

So why not find out more by watching this Designing Worlds special? You can also read more about Filling the Cauldron and Elicio’s situation in the pages of this blog.

And there are still a couple of places left for merchants in the Marketplace, and we’re still looking for volunteers to help run things and entertainers to make the week go with a swing! So if you’d like to be involved, follow the links!


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