Day One Recap

It’s been a rush pulling everything together in the time we had available, but the doors officially opened for Filling the Cauldron on Saturday, April st, and what a day!

Even before we’d got started we had people visiting, exploring and buying – sorry to all those of you who may have tripped over the odd prim, bumped into the unexpected last-minute sign unexpectedly popping-up  or found a member of the team racing past with a “hi – bye!” And we’re thrilled that they were. It got things off to a great start – and it all just got better from there.

Lazarus Doghouse kicked-off the music with a 1-hour performance for the early birds from 10:00am. If you’ve never heard Laz before, then you’ve missed out. His mix of music and song is superb, and we’ll be looking to have him back at the park for one of our art openings in the future.

There be dragons! – the entertainment stage at Filling the Cauldron, by Kathdn Vesuvino

Kathdn Vesuvino then took to the stage in a marathon three hour set which featured a musical tour to honour Elicio, starting in his native Mexico and then travelling outwards through South America to encompass the world, introducing touches of swing, jazz, rock, new age, pop, and some all-time classics in a fabulous fusion which saw the donation counter climb… and climb and climb….

Joaquin Gustav, the man who makes a guitar gently sing, took to the stage next and played for an hour. It’s always a pleasure to see Joaquin at the park, and he was enthusiastically received by everyone on the dance floor. Then Zander Greene – a man whose voice I find amazing, took to the air for two hours of another outstanding mix of music. And I do mean outstanding – anyone who can stir a mix of rock, pop and ballads with Fairelands favourites and encompass the music of people like Bear McCreary and Loreena McKennitt has a very special touch.

Joaquin Gustav let his guitar sing to us, then Kathdn Vesuvino took us on a musical tour of the world

Throughout it all, the money flowed into the donation kiosks and the vendors as people came and explored, visited and blogged and took photos to share through our Flickr pool. And still the music rolled on! Alsedel Llewellyn took over the DJ work from Zander, and Madonna Milena than took the stage and played those tunes… and played… and played! In fact, she was still going strong when we had to retire for the night or risk keeling over!

Elicio joins us for the event, and takes a well-deserved rest

Elico managed to join us for a part of the afternoon, and wanted very much for people to know how grateful he and his sisters and family are, and how much all this means to him. And it’s not over yet! We’re running all the way through until Sunday, April 9th, so keep an eye on our evolving schedule, take a look at the auction pages – live and silent – and don’t forget to visit the sky platform with our nine fabulous gardens.

And if you take photos when you visit, please share them with us through our Flickr pool!

Total in the cauldron at the end of Saturday, April 1st: L$155,045




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