Portrait Of A Wizard

I am a Digital Artist, designer and owner of Cerridwen’s Cauldron, a Second Life Virtual World brand. I specialize in fantasy architecture, plants and landscape design. But long before that I was an acrylics and watercolors painter.” This is how Elicio Ember introduces himself to the world, succinctly and quite modestly. If asked, he might also tell you that he has a degree in natural sciences but for years he has been a full-time SL designer, and he lives from his earnings made in our virtual universe.

Elicio's Magic Kingdom - Support The Wizard!

Dear Reader, have you ever been to a fantasy sim in SL? Yes, I suppose you have visited at least one or two of them… and, while walking in the woods created by limitless imagination, can you recall those wildly proliferating puffball fungi you could kick and they emitted a cloud of lovely sparkling spores? … yes, you do remember indeed. And those huge fantasy parasol mushrooms, with the swishy jellyfish-like tentacles? And those ancient-and-mysterious-looking ruins? And those orchids…? Yes, you do remember, and I suppose you remember because, in a way or another, these creations have touched your soul.

OBR 2017 - Dragon Bridge

This is Elicio’s art for you. The art of “a special kind of Second Life resident, the one that not only creates, but creates worlds”, as another friend and fellow worldmaker, Alia Baroque said so very aptly. The Mushroom Wizard has a very unique and peculiar ability indeed: his creations invite you to disconnect yourself from material reality, but in a good way. You return to your RL chores refreshed and relaxed after a virtual walk in his universe. The memory of beauty, and those crazy ‘shrooms and critters make you smile for a long time.

Lurking In The Shadows...

Dear Reader, this is also your chance to help Elicio. Let’s ease his current burden a bit, let’s allow him to take care of his family then continue creating… because if there are no more floating tuber plants and moongrape vines, Tinderlings would also become homeless, and Tinderlings are as integral to SL magic as fairies, pixies and elves are.

Thank you for your appreciation, Dear Reader.

Ursula Floresby

SL shutterbug and part-time Mushroom Tinderling


One thought on “Portrait Of A Wizard

  1. And let’s not forget about the others, Felix! 🙂 All those wonderful and marvellous women and men who have been organising, donating, offering lovely items for the auctions, playing great music… a strong collective, united to make Elicio’s burden a bit lighter.


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