Day Two Recap

After the smooth start to Day One, the event gremlins came along to chew on things. The Night Theatre, who are providing one of our  fabulous live auction items – a dance performance starring the winner bidder –  had to withdraw due to internet issues. Elayne and I started on a rapid fire schedule reorganisation to fill the gaps.

Kardargo Adamczyk kicked the music off slightly later than planned – 10:00am, and got us off to a great start. Sunday mornings are a hard act – people either like to lie-in and have a lazy morning or are seeing to family, taking care of church and so on and so forth. But Dargo got the music going and the cauldron started to fill – our thanks to him for the early bird stint and for agreeing to do the same next Sunday!

Dargo and Elirk – two of our DJs for Sunday, April 2nd

Following him, Kathdn Vesuvino returned to the stage at exceptionally short notice and did another three-hour stint focused on another musical journey. As we started in the west on Day One, this time he took us along the Silk Road, starting in China and heading westwards before circling back once more. Throughout it all, he featured a wide range of music, including traditional pieces from the land through which we travelled, and gave us an evocative description of the journey itself – the lands, the people, how we crossed river and climbed over mountain trails.

Elrik Merlin took over from Kathdn at 2:00pm for a 2-hour set featuring pairs of songs with various links between them, offering a trail of clues to follow as the music played – and he featured some classic tracks and well as some more interesting covers and re-mixes. From 4:00 through 5:00, Hazard Fizzle stepped in to the breach and played us through an hour of beat-driven tunes, the cauldron continuing to fill from both donations on the stage and via the rest of the event. Then Joy Canadeo took to the stage for the final two hours with her familiar blend of great music and group dancing (seriously, Joy puts together great set for us at Caitinara Bar very Friday 4-6pm SLT, you should come join us and see!) – only for her set to be rudely cut-off when the power went off on her. Nevertheless, her time saw us hit the L$200,000 mark.

Ozimals have created two limited edition critters – Spooklight and enigma – we’ll have more on them in an upcoming blog post!

Throughout the day people came and shopped and bid, their time and kindness doing so much to add to the coins in the cauldron.  The Filling the Cauldron limited Edition Ozimals are proving popular, and we’ll have more on these cute little critters in an upcoming post. The generosity of our merchants as a whole has been fabulous and contributed mightily to our mounting total. Again, there will be more on them as the week progresses, so do keep dropping by this blog!

The bids are also mounting in the silent auction, which runs through until Sunday, April 9th  –  and if you’ve not seen what is on offer, you should take a look at the silent auction web page and see – you’re probably going to want to drop right on by and bid!

Don’t forget to visit our nine sky gardens – and then vote on your favourite – read more

Don’t forget to check the schedule to see everything that’s going on, and everything you can see and do at Filling the Cauldron! Better, yet, why not drop in and see for yourself?

Total in the cauldron at the end of Sunday, April 2nd: L$215,906



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