Day Three Re-cap

Monday April 3rd marked the start of a working week, and with it, we scaled back the entertainment schedule a little, as people would be away doing work-related things, although the evening still featured three outstanding DJ’s, who between them provided a solid sic hours of entertainment on the main stage, rocking use straight through the day’s target for donations and onwards and upwards.

Sasha, Jayden, Bard, thank you so much for your time and for keeping us all dancing and giving!

The opening out of the entertainment schedule means that people can spend more time wandering the rest of the event areas – the art display, marketplace, the silent auction, Cerridwen’s Corner, and the Sky Gardens.

The Sky Gardens

I’ve written more about the Sky Gardens both on my own blog, a piece also reproduced in these pages. If you haven’t already seen them, do please make sure you do so: you can reach them via item 6 on the FTC teleport HUD or via the teleport boards found at all major locations at the event. These designs are extraordinary, and deserve to be seen and appreciated for their beauty.

The Marketplace proved a popular destination throughout the day. As mentioned on our Merchants page, 19 creators have been incredibly generous of their time, so thank you everyone who is coming by and making their effort worthwhile. We’ve had a steady inflow of funds through the FTC vendors they have place out – with some of them only using our vendors, which is simply marvellous – and it is all helping us to steadily increase the level in the cauldron.

The FTC Marketplace features stalls and gacha machine from 19 creators

Today sees more opportunities for you to visit Filling the Cauldron – catch the schedule here. Also, as a special announcement, we’ve extended the deadline of the photo contest – so there is still time for you to enter!

Total in the cauldron at the end of Monday, April 3rd: L$365,505


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