Meet our Artists

Filling the Cauldron features eight art displays in the main event space, located next to the Welcome Area. The art of display comes from a mix of Invited and Guest Artists, and has a focus on Elicio Ember’s creations.

Our Invited Artists are Alisaundra Andel, the official Fantasy Faire photographer; Sonya Marmenuk, official Fantasy Faire webmistress and talented photographer and Caitlin Tobias, official fantasy faire blogger and photographer. Our Guest Artists are Ursula Floresby, Deoridhe Quandry and John Brianna, all of whom responded to our invitation to artists to display their art at Filling the Cauldron, and they are joined by Vecchio Barbosa and myself.

Discover more about our artists below – some of whom provide a look at their work in their own words.

Alisaundra Andel

Alisaundra Andel

“About me? Hmm, this is never easy for me to do.  I’ve been in SL since 2008; I’m a photographer in real life and wished to discover it here in SL too.  Having the hobby here has introduced me to a world proud moments, opportunities and people I never knew existed.

“Photography brings people together.  It captures the world, it gives people the chance to see what you see when you look at something.  I love expressing what I see when I come to Fantasy Faire.

“Elicio’s builds for me, bring a sense of serenity, peace.  It’s so soothing you can practically hear the twinkle off his crystals, or the warmth of light of his plants.  Last year, his sim was where I went to calm myself.  One night particular, one of the executives was having a pretty heavy night.  I remember just asking them to come with me.  I took him to Other World.  sat them in the shimmering grass and just took pictures.  And I remember being told, how much they needed to just, have some time.   And that they appreciated the quiet.

“And that is what Elicio’s work does.  It brings you to peace. You couple it with photography and it’s just a playground of expression.  I am grateful for the opportunity to play.”

Twelve of Ali’s images are on displayed in watery setting – just walk along the stepping-stones to appreciate them. They span a number of Elicio’s region creations for Fanstasy Faire, from 2012 onwards and offer both a trip down memory lane for those who remember them and the chance to witness the beauty of his worlds.

Filling the Cauldron: Alisaundra Andel

Sonya Marmenuk

Sonya Marmenuk

“I am a storyteller. That is the nut and its shell, really.

I enjoy character creation, often treating Second Life like the most limitless character creator in the world, where truly the only limit is your imagination. Through the years that has been a great part of what has either kept me here, or brought me back from my occasional MMORPG holidays.

“I create a character, I set-up or find an environment for her, and then as I begin going through poses and windlights, angles and settings, personality emerges. After personality comes the story, one picture at a time. I love the process of capturing the spirit in a picture just as much as I enjoy placing my fingers on the keyboard and letting the character speak.

“Sometimes I let small critters do the talking, taking pictures of them as they adventure through Second Life. There’s something extremely pleasing in imagining tiny paws padding through human-sized environments, curious noses sniffing for virtual desserts.

“Elicio’s work has always been one of my favourite environments to set up and photograph. His plants, his creations, his worlds are always inspiring scenes for my characters to belong to, to live in. They call for stories, personalities, myths and legends.

“Take a look around, see how others have perceived the wonders of Cerridwen’s Cauldron, and then go see what kind of inspiration you might find in there. Go see if Cerridwen will speak to you, too.”

Sonya allowed us to select four of her pieces from Fantasy Faire which beautifully reveal the intricate wonder of Elicio’s work in a large format display, and she shares one of the art display decks alongside a smaller display by yours truly.

Filling the Cauldron: Sonya Marmenuk

Caitlin Tobias

Caitlin Tobias

“Cait or Caity, as I am  called by my friends, was born in Second Life in August 2007.  After having worked in poker palaces, being Hostess in a Zyngo-arena and Hostess in Hard Rock clubs, I discovered the world of Katana-fighting, using the C:si Combat system. Besides that I was  an SL Mentor in SL’s official Mentor programme for as long as it lasted.

“Together with friends I founded  The ImperiuM Katana on 9 August 2009:  a school for Katana fighting and lots of fun! The clan was a success, with  ups and downs, but to all good things comes an end…and in April 2012 The ImperiuM was put on inactive. Maybe one day we will sharpen our blades again…

“After  the fighting days, I dedicated my Second Life  to exploring and blogging about cool places to share with you! Besides that I also like to shop for fashionable clothes and accessories,  and indulging in taking ‘arty’ pictures for the fun of it, most of which you will find on my Flickr stream.

“In November 2014, I became a contributor on the [SL] Blogger Support site and in October 2016 I took over the ownership and general Management of the site from founder Katya Valeska , on her request. I have been a guest-writer/photographer for Fantasy Faire  on their official site during this RFL Event in 2014, 2015, 2016 and…am happy to be asked again for this year: 2017!

“Thanks to my involvement in the Fantasy Faire as writer and photographer, I have gotten to know the works of Elicio Ember pretty well. I have always enjoyed taking pics of his colourful works, the shiny crystals and mesmerizing landscapes and always felt privileged to be able to take pictures as one of the first – without the crowds and shoppers :).”

For Filling the Cauldron, Caity allowed me to raid her Flickr stream, from which I selected half-a-dozen pictures I think exemplify the sense of wonder found within Elicio’s designs and which present the beauty of Caity’s work.

Filling the Cauldron – Caitlin Tobias

Our Guest Artists

Ursula Floresby has been involved in event planning in Second Life for some time, and is a strong supporter of Fantasy Faire. She is also a confirmed Elicio fan. She offers four stunning views of Elicio’s past builds at Fantasy Faire, two in beautiful large format.

John Brianna is a powerhouse in Second Life. Creator of the Kultivate brand, which he co-runs with partner Eleseren Brianna, co-chair of Team Diabetes of Second Life, artist, photographer, merchant. He is unique among our guest artists in that he doesn’t present images of Elicio’s builds. Instead, and most generously, he offers a selection of his art for sale with all proceeds going to help fill the cauldron.

Filling the Cauldron: John Brianna (l) and Ursula Floresby (r)

Deoridhe Quandry has been in Second Life since 2008, trying to capture the spirit of people’s’ dreams through photography. She initially became aware of Elicio Ember’s creations at her first Fantasy Faire, and became entranced by the underwater extravaganza he created. Since then she has been a firm admirer of his work, and for Filling the Cauldron she presents six timeless images of Elicio’s builds.

Vecchio Barbosa is a part of the FTC organising team, and is responsible for the teleport boards and HUD and co-ordinates the auctions alongside Saffia. He shares an art deck with Deoridhe, where he offers a range of images of Elicio’s creations and follow’s John’s lead in offering them for sale with 100% of proceeds all going toward Filling the Cauldron.

Filling the Cauldron: Vecchio (l) and Deoridhe (r)

We’re delighted to have all of these artists on display at Filling the Cauldron, and we hope that during your visit, you’ll take the time to tour the exhibition of their work.


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