Our Merchants and the Marketplace

When we decided to run Filling the Cauldron, we had no idea what the response would be – even though Elicio is well-known and loved, running an event benefiting an individual, rather than an entity, organisation or cause, can be fraught with difficulties. Truth be told, however, such is the love and respect so many in Second Life have for Elicio that no sooner had we started spreading the word, that offers of support came flooding in. And no truer was that the case than with merchants and creators from across Second Life.

In all, 20 merchants responded (although one had to sadly later drop out), offering to come along and set-up stalls or gacha machines, each agreeing to offer at least one item for sale with 100% of proceeds going to Filling the Cauldron (or 50% of sales in the case of gacha machines). In fact, we would have had more, but there is only so much available space.

filling the Cauldron: The Marketplace

As it is, not a single one of the Merchants present at Filling the Cauldron who took a stall has offered just one item with proceeds going to our attempt to help Elicio – practically everything on sale  is provided through the event vendors! Similarly, those using gacha machine were not content with just one. Their generosity in helping us has been fantastic!

Located alongside the Welcome Area, the marketplace is hard to miss with its wood-and-canvas stalls sitting on the lawn and grass of the park, gacha machine nestled against tiered walls. Traffic through the marketplace has been steady, and collectively our Merchants are doing mush to help fill the cauldron – but we are now entering the final three days of the event, so opportunities to avail yourself of the marketplace and the items offered here are dwindling – so do make a point of coming along over the weekend; peruse the stalls, enjoy the setting and keep an eye out for that special something: the range of goods on offer is as exquisite as it is broad.

Filling the Cauldron: The Marketplace

Many and sincere thanks to all of those merchants and creators who participated in the Marketplace:

AlruniaAhn – Lilith’s Den; Chic Aeon – Chic Buildings; Sweetgwendoline Bailey – Sweet Revolutions; Alia Baroque – Fallen Gods;  MalkavynEldritch – Ozimals; EldowynInshan – United Ishcon; Krystal Iridescent – Xtal Designs; SearlaitNitschke – Roawenwood; Plato Novo – %percent; H0neyHeart Resident – Ladies’ Pleasure; Johannes1977 Resident – Mahlberg Tailors; Raydenrider Resident – Dogg Mata; Tylar Resident – Tylar’s Treasures; xxsyrenxx resident – Syren’s Song; Irina Strazytski – Poet’s Heart; KerrythTarantal – Spyralle; TayrenTheas – Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions; Lunar Tripsa – Lunar’s Seasonal Designs; ShakiraAlexandra – Celtic Myst.

Filling the Cauldron: The Marketplace

Don’t forget to check the schedule for news on all that is going on at Filling the Cauldron.


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