The day the Dragons came to visit

Saturday, April 8th proved a magical day for Filling the Cauldron. Not only was it our penultimate event day, but it was the day Day The Dragons Came!

It started with Seanchai Library. long-time partners and friends of Holly Kai Park and a mainstay of the Fantasy Faire Literary Festival, brought us an hour of fabulous storytelling in voice. Caledonia Skytower, Aoife Lorefield, Dubhna Rhiadra and Kayden Oconnell treated an audience of attentive listeners to a feast of tales and poems, commencing with Bilbo Baggin’s encounter with the mighty Smaug in The Hobbit and included the adventures of Toothless the Dragon and Hiccup from the How To Train Your Dragon series.

Seanchai Library (l to r): Caledonia Skytower (green dragon), Aoilfe Lorefield (pink dragon), Kayden OConnell and Dubhna Rhiadra

Our storytellers all arrived suitably garbed, with Cale and Aoife taking dragon form – albeit it in miniature! At the other end of the scale, Stranger Nightfire arrived in a truly magnificent dragon form, towering over the audience  – and most of the trees in the park!

The hour flew by, with the tales keeping everyone spellbound – and me wishing I’d recorded them! My grateful thanks to Cale, Dubhna, Aoife and Kayden for being a part of Filling the Cauldron and in helping us help Elicio.

Seanchai read and a giant dragon listens with the rest of the audience!

And if dragons reading and listening to tales wasn’t enough, we had dragons dancing at the entertainment stage. It was there at the Monarchs Dance Company laid on a special performance AMNESIA, which comprised six absolutely astonishing dance sets from steampunk to jungle setting to a Grease homage to reflective (literally!) dance to – Game of Thrones!

It was the last piece that introduced the dragons, who soared and danced over the audience, set fire to the set (as planned!) and then settled in the fortress towers as this most magnificent show – which you can read about in depth here and see in the image at the top of this article – drew to a stunning close.

My sincere thanks as well, to Diiar and the Monarchs for such an amazing show! Together with Seanchai Library, the monarchs pushed the total in the Cauldron up by another L$25,000!

One of the dance pieces from AMNESIA, featuring a dancer by a lake and her “reflection” in the water (actually another dancer) in a perfectly synchronised piece

Of course, throughout the day we had music to keep people dancing – thank you to Blindman75, Magdalena Kamenev and AineMari Flanagan – the Market was open and votes on the photo contest and the garden contest drew to a close. There will be more on these, including the winners and runners-up in an up-coming post in this blog.

Even dragons need a rest from the boogieing

By the end of the day, the amount in the cauldron – which had been growing steadily through the week stood at over L$500,000, at a total of:




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