The Tallies

It took a little while to sort through the transactions and various spreadsheets and ensure that everything was correctly reconciled – particularly where the auctions were concerned (the silent auction for example had money coming in and flowing out across days, as people bid / were out-bit and had their payments returned, all of which had to be gone through to ensure proper refunding had occurred). We also had some late-breaking donations and support which delayed things a little. (And I also needed a bit of a break from things, to be honest!)

So, that said, here’s the final tallies for Filling the Cauldron.

On March 29th, I cleared-down the Holly Kai Park account to L$100, ready for it to be used exclusively for the Filling the Cauldron event.

Account balance clear-down ready for Filling the Cauldron

With all vendor servers switched off, final balances on auctions received and reconciled, late-breaking donation gifts and final purchases through vendors / gacha machines, the closing balance came to:

Closing balance

That’s approximately US $4,000 – which in all honesty, was far more they we’d expected to raise during the event! So, thank you to everyone who got involved in Filling the Cauldron by who purchasing goods from our Merchants, donating through the kiosks and participating in the auction or simply through buying a T-shirt pack.

For those interested, I can offer tne following broad breakdown of the total amount:

Donation Kiosks
Merchant stalls and Gachas
Total 1,041,482



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