Filling the Cauldron is a region-wide event hosted at Holly Kai Park in the beautiful Blake Sea. With art display areas, a floating events venue, subterranean bar all linked by waterside paths winding though woods and trees, Holly Kai offers the kind of natural environment Elicio appreciates, and we are planning a host of activities to help raise money for him and his family.

Right now we are seeking:

  • Live performers and DJs willing to give an hour of their time to perform during the weekends of Saturday April 1st / Sunday April 2nd and Friday April 7th through Sunday April 9th – and perhaps in the week as well. If you are interested, please complete our Entertainment Applications form
  • Artists wishing to participate in our Art Show
  • People willing to donate to our Auction
  • Creators willing to take part in our Marketplace
  • Designers wishing to participate on our Filling the Cauldron Garden Design Contest
  • Volunteers and helpers

April 1st isn’t a long time away, and some of the slots are on a first come / first served basis. So if you’d like to be involved in any of the above, please complete the forms TODAY!