What better way to raise funds than to have an auction? But in order to do so, we need items to be donated. Would you be willing to donate. It can be 2D art, 3D art, clothing or anything else you would like to provide – such as your time?

If so, we’d like to hear from you. It doesn’t have to be an item you’re donating; time and expertise can be just as valuable. For example, if you are a photographer, you could offer a lesson in SL photography or studio sitting; if you’re a machinima maker, you could offer to shoot a video on an event or a location of the bidder’s choosing; If you are a live singer, you might offer to give a private performance to the bidder and their friends. Just provide a description of what you’re offering in the form.

Whatever you’d like to donate for the auction, we’d love to hear about it – please complete the form below!

Note that applications must be received by 23:59 SLT on Wednesday, March 22nd