Volunteer Application Form

Running an event like Filling the Cauldron takes a lot of time and effort – and help!

We’re seeking volunteers to help with the following roles:

  • Activity Co-ordinators – taking the lead in a specific activity, such are coordinating the art show and / or auction, managing Cerridwen’s Corner, watching over the mini-market, etc.
  • Stage Leads – taking the lead in co-ordinating the live performance venue for a part of the weekends when we’ll be featuring live music, performances and DJs
  • Stage Managers – helping to run the live event schedule: making sure the stream is correctly set, handling enquiries from performers, etc.
  • Security – keeping a general eye on things and dealing with any problems
  • Greeters – welcoming people and pointing them in the right direction to find things
  • Press Liaison – helping get the word out to bloggers and folk.

Applications must be received by 23:59 SLT on Wednesday, March 22nd