Cerridwen’s Corner

Cerridwen’s Corner is a special place where, throughout Filling the Cauldron, you will be able to browse and purchase many of Elicio’s fabulous creations.

Design for the event by Judi Newall, and featuring Elicio’s unique basalt columns and otherworldly planet, Cerridwen’s Cauldron  – for those who use a viewer supporting parcel windlights – exists under a sky reflecting Elicio’s favourite colours: purple and green (if you don’t have parcel windlight support in your viewer, but you have access to Torley’s windlight settings, “[TOR] SCIFI – Purple wisps & egg yolk”).

Cerridwen’s Corner is located in the South-East corner of the park hosting Filling the Cauldron, and can be reached via the teleport boards, the teleport HUD or you can walk down the crystal stairway from the Welcome Area, then turn right at the bottom of the cliffs and take the bridge over the river – the gateway to Cerridwen’s Corner will be right in front of you!

SLurl to Cerridwen’s Corner

Cerridwen’s Corner