Details About the Live Auction


The Ballroom Fountain – by Sharni Azalee

Many people adore the rich and beautiful region of Horizon Dreams, the location of The Looking Glass. More than just a store, this is a place to explore and relish. One of its beautiful locations is  the Ballroom, created by Sharni Azalee, and at its heart is the beautiful fountain. Many people have asked Sharni if she will sell this in the store, but – as it is an art creation – she has always refused.

Until now.

In support of Elicio, Sharni will be selling one single copy of the Ballroom Fountain, a truly unique gift.

TLG Ballroom Fountain

And to appreciate it fully – visit it in its location on Horizon Dreams – were you can see the clocks turning, the peacocks spreading their tails, the water flowing and the butterflies fluttering:



The Mayan Temple by SweetGwendoline Bailey

The ~*SR*~ Maya Temple is a gorgeous old ruin based on the Mayan Culture. Overgrown by the roots of an old banyan tree, the ruin gets its own mystical charm. And it will be available exclusively for the auction.

The ~*SR*~ Maya Temple is copy and mod, is sized by x= 30m; y= 34m; z= 30m and comes with 52 Prims. This item can be seen Inworld by visiting Autumn Isle / ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Mainstore on the Rezz Area Autumn Isle (125,229,993)

~*Sweet Revolutions*~ was founded on the idea to build useful things for Medieval and Fantasy Roleplay. On Autumn Isle, my mainshop, you will find everything your heart desires. From castles to homes and huts, to furniture, clothing and various landscape items such as caves, waterfalls, plants and animals. On Autumn Isle you will be also found a small network of shops, who are completely dedicated to the topic. Just stop by and roam the two regions, take part in the current hunts or enjoy the scenery.

For questions, complaints or ideas and wishes for custom made products please contact Sweetgwendoline Bailey or drop a Notecard into her mailbox @ Autumn Isle.



A Special Dance designed for you by The Night Theater

The Night Theater will create a special dance for you!
The Night Theater will create a special dance for you!

Aelva, creator of The Night Theater, is offering to make you the star of your own favorite song!

“Together we pick a song of your choice, create a stage for it and choreograph a dance to it to perform – with you as the star!”

Not familiar with The Night Theater? Have a look at this link:

Maybe you will get some ideas for your very own act! 🙂

The act will need to be “PG” rated as well as the song itself, and at a normal song length. But except for that, we work something out:)



Elite Equestrian RealHorse Pathway Installation by H0neyHeart

EE Real Horse Pathway Installion
EE Real Horse Pathway Installion

The *Elite Equestrian* RealHorse is the most advanced horse avatar in Second Life, with the widest range of customization options available.

You are bidding on a complete installation of 1 horse installation run pathway in 1 location in Second Life, with 4 week’s service of a Bespoke RealHorse that has been customized to your preferences.

Customization options include your choice of breed, coat color, eye color, hair choices, harness or saddle options, and vehicle or riding options for the run pathway which will enable your horse rental to move about your sim or event space hand’s free.

Because the RealHorse is a type of model bot, it can be placed anywhere in your ranch, sim, or farm for display without any land impact. The basic horse has low render weight (under 37K) and low script memory usage.

The run pathway installation is perfect for sim owners who want to attract more traffic; event operators; private sim or land owners who want a special experience; weddings, parties and more.

We have provided run pathways to events such as Spoonful of Sugar (Fall 2016, Spring 2017); Toys for Tots Breedables (Winter 2016); The Winter Festival (Winter 2016); Feed A Smile (Winter 2016); several private events including formal parties, weddings, and simple sim installations for owners who want the life and activity these horses provide as they move through the landscape. The run pathways are very good at generating sticky traffic numbers and donations from visitors coming to ride them.

The lucky winner of this experience will receive a full installation of run pathway on their sim or event of choice plus a fully customized RealHorse avatar model bot.

Choose from any of our 14 available breeds; tack options may be limited in some instances.



Bid for your own Designing Worlds episode!

This auction item gives you the very special opportunity to have an episode of Second Life’s highly popular weekly show, Designing Worlds, make a show about your favourite place or past-time in Second Life.

If you win this item, the Designing Worlds team will work with you to create a show that will be shown as part of our regular season on all our broadcast channels.

The show could be about a place, an event or a past-time in Second Life.

Our only stipulation is that – as Designing Worlds is a family, freely available show, there must be no adult-rated content.



Be a guest dancer with Misfit Dance & Performance Art!

Be a Misfit Dancer for a Day!

What you win
You get to be a “guest dancer ” in a Misfit Dance & Performance Art show at their home theater   – sometime in the next 3 months!  (We will work out a date & time with you!)

What you get to do
HAVE A BLAST THAT’S WHAT!  You will be a guest dancer in up to 4 dance art numbers – for 1 show at our theatre.   JenzZa will provide you with the costumes, which you will get to keep of course!

We promise you — this is some of the best fun you could hope to have in Second Life!

Here is a video of one of our dance art pieces –  to give you an idea of what we do:

Thank you for your participation in this event!




Every New Release from the Cube Republic for a Year!


The winner of the auction will receive all future new releases from The Cube Republic for a period of 12 months. Cube Republic produces high quality plant and landscaping items.

What exactly is a 12 month subscription?
I aim to release 1 -2 new products per month, usually through events.

What happens if you don’t release in a given month?
Sometimes real life happens! Don’t worry; you’ll still receive 12 months worth of releases.

How much is this worth?
I sell my plants for 399- 599 a set and trees and landscaping items 599-999. There’s also some larger items in the planning.

What can I expect?
I’m working on tropical items at the moment. I’ve just released some banana plants! I’m planning some temperate planting later in the year, as well as hard landscaping items such as walls and fences.

Can I see some of your work?
Sure, here’s a landmark




Win a Personalised Special Show by Yman Juran

A Special Personalised Show from Yman Juran

Yman Juran is famous throughout Second Life as the creative force behind the fabulous Chang High Trinity Sisters whose show, a mixture of dance, particles and circus skills, is an exhilarating experience loved across Second Life.

You can see some of the shows on You Tube, but nothing can compare to being there to experience it!

And now you can win the opportunity to experience for yourself and your friends as Yman herself will perform a special show for you and your chosen audience. Complete with trapeze, superb acrobatic skills and a walking elephant, to say nothing of the amazing particle displays, Yman will put on a special performance for you – if yours is the winning bid.

She will also create a special personalised poster for the event, for you to share with your guests and also keep as a memento.

Date to be arranged with Yman
Music will be supplied by Yman, but dj and stream will need to be pre-arranged.




A Super Bundle of Specials from the Cube Republic!


The winner of the auction will receive the complete back catalogue of landscaping items from The Cube Republic.
That’s everything I’ve ever made up until this current month.

Where can I find out more?
You can either visit my in-world store here:
or browse on the marketplace:
or browse my flickr:

Are there any catches?
No, none at all, as well as my plants, there’s rope climbs, rope slides and a cavern system. The collection represents
my journey as an artist learning to craft plants from mesh.

How much is this worth?
Approx estimate 28000 lindens