Gardens in the Sky

Filling the Cauldron features two contests – Design a Garden and our Photo Contest.

For the Design a Garden contests, Second Life landscapers, creators and designers were invited to apply for a 4 metre by 45 metre parcel of land on our sky platform where they could design a garden featuring Elicio’s remarkable plants and creations. Those entering didn’t have to use the entire area for their garden, nor did it have to rely totally on Elicio’s designs – just as long as the focus was on his work.

Nine people took up the challenge – and the results are stunning. They are waiting for you to visit and appreciated. Some offer places to sit down in and appreciate them fully, and there are paths running through the platform, with seating areas, blankets and thing for those wishing to stay a while.

But that’s not all. This is a contest right? So how is the winner decided?  Well, that’s where YOU come in.

Filling the Cauldron – Sky Gardens

Vote for Your Favourite Garden

Note, Sunday April 9th: all voting has now closed

We’re asking YOU to vote for the garden you most appreciate based on the following criteria:

  • Overall look and aesthetic
  • Use of Elicio’s creations
  • How much you enjoyed exploring each of them.

All popular votes will be combined with votes from the judging panel to select three Gardens, one of which will be selected as the overall winner, by our Guest of Honour – Elicio Ember.

That garden will then be displayed at the Home and Garden Exhibition, which runs from May 19th to June 4th, 2017.

Our thanks to our Garden designers: Abinathra; Chic Aeon; Sweetgwendoline Bailey; Kzru Bruhl; Oscelot Haalan; Alliah Jewell; Opal Lei; Letty Luckstone and Eclair Martinek

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