Art Show

Elicio’s creations and regions designs for Fantasy Faire, his art installations – all are amazingly photogenic, and we would like to celebrate this with a special art exhibition.

At Filling the Cauldron, we’re presenting a mix of photographs and art inspired by Elicio’s creations, his store, his builds at Fantasy Faire over the years, and his art. Three artists in particular were invited to display images, and the remains slots in the exhibition were filled by those who applied to support the event.

The art display is located in the central exhibition area for Filling the Cauldron, right next to our Welcome Area. Just follow the path around the art decks and displays – and do be sure to visit the Marketplace stalls and talk a look at the auction boards, all of which are located in the same area.

Our invited artists are:

  • Alisaundra Andel – official Fantasy Faire photographer, who shares images of Elico’s Fantasy Faire builds over the years, from 2012 to the present, offered in an over-the-water exhibition space, with stepping-stones across the water.
  • Caitlin Tobias – official fantasy faire blogger and an extraordinary photographer
  • Sonya Marmenuk – official Fantasy Faire webmistress and talented photographer, who shares an art desk with official Fantasy Faire blogger, Inara Pey

Our guest artists are:

  • John Brianna
  • Ursula Floresby
  • Deoridhe Qunadry
  • Vecchio Barbosa

Our thanks to everyone who is participating in the art show.

Filling the Cauldron – Art

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