A Letter from Elicio

The news concerning Elicio’s father broke via a Facebook post Elicio made, and which we have his permission to reproduce here:

Elicio Ember

My father had a stroke yesterday that was not seen to until today. There is no clear prognosis yet but things are serious and some kind of neural damage is confirmed. How serious is yet unknown, as his brain is still swollen and blood obscures the true size of the damage.

Public health security in Mexico is insufficient and often of very low quality. And often even government institutions seek ways for skirting or ignoring health insurance or not subscribing their workers to the public health programme.

My father is a 72 year 5 idiom speaker that gave language classes during the whole day at the Senior Citizens University in Mexico. A government institution. Such institution does not subscribe their teachers to any kind of health protection program. Through a really shady 1 month contract-recontract practice that insures no teachers get health protection or antiquity bonuses. Even though most of them are senior citizens. So, my father has no health protection whatsover. Which I found about just 4 days ago.

Private health insurance is usually out of reach for people like me, several of my sisters and my father. Basically the non-existent middle class and below. Mexican public hospitals; although they admit people not subscribed to the public health program, they will often treat people not subscribed as low priority in an already overloaded and poor health system. It’s a Russian roulette. People can be treated well and recover. People die waiting to be treated. People die by malpractice. And if not subscribed to public health, uncertainty is always higher.

So we took him to a private hospital before risking a long wait. I have 5 sisters, but not even between all of us we will be able to pay for the hospital charges without severely straining all our economies, not even considering all the expenses of rehab and care that will follow if…well. If he makes it. Which might be actually more terrifying than if he does not as its yet uncertain what the rehab possibilities are.

That’s why, even though I have asked you for support by buying my work during my last months upheld, I will have to ask you for it yet again.

This is why we are running Filling the Cauldron: to help raise money for Elicio and his family to not only meet immediate medical costs, but also to help with the costs of his father’s longer-term care.

Please join us between April 1st and April 9th 2017, and help us offer help and support to one of Second Life’s most generous residents.