Ozimals: A Bunny and Puffling for Elicio

Ozimals, the creators of the breedable bunnies and pufflings have had a long association with Elicio – he has a presence on their region, and the Ozimal’s team have known him for a long time. So when he heard about Filling the Cauldron,  Malkavyn Eldritch of Ozimals dropped me a line offering the event their support.

“Ozimals is going to be doing a pair pack of our breedables,” he informed me. “We’d will have 100% of the proceeds to go to Elicio and would like offer them through Filling the Cauldron.”

Enigma the puffling

Obviously, we were delighted to accept the offer and in return, presented Ozimals with a display area within our Marketplace where the new critters could be displayed – and they make for a fetching pair.

Both the Bunny and the Puffling come in Elico’s noted purple, with green accents. The bunny is called Spooklight, the Puffling Enigma. They cost L$495 apiece, and each pack contains either one random gender bunny nest or one random gender puffling egg (depending on which pack you purchase) and a 30-day pack of Omni food.

“Ozimals is excited to support Filling the Cauldron,” Maiden Firelight from Ozimals told me “The beauty and atmosphere Elicio’s creations instantly recognisable and unique. We’ve admired and enjoyed his designs for years; that he’s contributed so much work towards charitable causes is an extra incentive to give something back.”

Spooklight the bunny

To help show off the pets, I invited Saiyge Lotus, legendary creator of the Fairelands Junction and a member of the Ozimals team, to design a display area for the critters. She worked with Aeron Constantine and with Birdsong Thistle to create an eye-catching display at the front of the main Marketplace area which we also hope helps draw people into to browse the rest of the stalls and the items presented by the rest of our generous merchants as well as encouraging people to pick up a bunny or puffling – or both (as has frequently been the case!).

In discussing the pets, Maiden gave some background on their look. “The designs are inspired by Mexican folk embroidery,” she said.

“The green and violet are our salute to Elico and Cerridwen’s Cauldron. ‘Enigma’ was so named because of the sense of mystery inherent in what he builds, and ‘Spooklight’ for the glimmering water and luminous monuments that cover Elicio’s region.”

As noted, Spooklight and Enigma are Ozimal Limited Edition Elites, and only available at Filling the Cauldron. So if you want a truly unique pet purchased in the knowledge that the money has gone to help one of the kindest souls you’re ever likely to encounter in Second Life – do come along to Filling the Cauldron.

And if you love Ozimals, do be aware that right now they are running an Easter Egg hunt through until  Sunday, April 16th. So when we close the gates at Filling the Cauldron, why not hop across to Magic of Oz and have a little fun egg hunting?


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